“It’s our goal to bring plant-based from niche to mainstream in the best possible way: quick, affordable and consistent.”

Veagons is a new fast food formula that aims to open 100 locations in 10 years and is working towards a European Unicorn valuation of €1 billion. Veagons responds to the growing need for guilt-free consumption by introducing an all-plant menu. This menu consists of the most popular fast food products developed in such a way that they are not inferior in taste and experience to those of traditional meat counterparts.

With Veagons, we invest in products that help the world transition to plant-based alternatives. The potential of this market is gigantic according to specialists, if it were not for the fact that there is still a lack of affordable products in formulas that appeal to the general public. This will be our focus.


The reason we started Veagons?
We want to make an impact! By distributing plant-based products through our own platforms, we want to help as many people as possible make the transition to more sustainable consumption. 


Less land use*


Lower GHC emissions*


Less water use*

*Blue Horizon’s 2020 “Environmental Impacts Of Animal And Plant-Based Food” Report


  • Uniquely scalable formula
  • A strong internationalized brand
  • IP Kitchen system and app
  • Individually financial healthy restaurants
  • Pool of talented and appreciated people
  • A highly transformative market
  • Invest early, get maximum return.

Investing in Veagons means investing in a highly ambitious organization. An organization that is entering the Quick Service Restaurant Market with a huge potential. We are not dreamers, we are economists who believe in the power of good formulas that respond exactly to the wishes of the end user and at the same time only want to do this if it has a positive impact on tomorrow.


Veagons is guided by the renowned firm BouvydebrieCapital on business and investment strategy.

“Interested in investment opportunities or looking for more information on this topic? Then feel free to contact us.”

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